Red Ribbon OtherOS not displaying the taskbar

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    Jan 11, 2019
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    I apologize for taking your time today and thank you for your help. I dusted off my old PS3 at long last and wanted to pull some files off it. I booted into OtherOS via Rebug Toolbox and discovered that the taskbar (or start menu since I am used to Windows) is not displaying. I can't access the file browser, settings or anything except the icons on my desktop, which currently is only Cockatrice. Right clicking the desktop gives me options:
    >Terminal Emulator (which returns a file not found error)
    >Web Browser (Loads IceWeasel but is unusable since I recently swapped wireless networks)
    >Desktops (I only emulate a single desktop, not useful to me personally)
    >ObConf (Tried fiddling around in here to get the menu back but nothing changed)
    >Reconfigure (Nothing happens when I select this)
    >Restart (Just flashes my open windows and does nothing)
    >Exit (just freezes my system

    It seems the menu is coming from OpenBox.
    Anyone have any ideas? I might have to reinstall the OtherOS, in which case any ideas on how to go about it?
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