PS3 CFW Above 3.55? Yes with 4.82 !

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    PS3 Custom firmware is still possible using the old method which requires an official Firmware v3.55, with some limitations. See the spoiler from November 2012 below.
    PS3 Custom firmware is now also possible with the official firmware v4.82, but currently works only on specific consoles.

    Compatible PS3 consoles:
    PS3 Fat
    PS3 Slim : Compatible only if your PS3 console with serial number 2xxxx has the minimum installable firmware 3.56 or lower. If your PS3 console with serial number 2xxxx has minimum installable firmware 3.60 or higher it's currently not compatible.

    NOT compatible yet:
    PS3 Slim
    with serial 3xxxx
    PS3 super slim (all of them)

    The new hacking steps are:
    1) First, you need to install the official firmware 4.82 (and only 4.82 !).
    2) Then you can use a software method to edit your NAND or NOR chipset from a browser hack.
    3) Once it's patched, you can install a CFW 4.82 (not lower).
    4) Once you are on CFW 4.82, you are free to downgrade to another CFW version or keep the one you installed.

    The main release thread and the full tutorial is available here:

    Edit version by Moderator from November 2012:
    Status on November 2012

    Original post by Nujui from 2010:
    Original post by Nujui from 2010
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