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  • KleinesSinchen 1

    Correct treatment of rechargeable batteries (This is a LONG text!)

    (and a look on the advantages and disadvantages of some types of secondary cells) First of all there is one major problem: it is called tl;dr. This is the wrong attitude if you want to learn about this topic. (In fact, if you want to learn anything.) I tried to keep the article short and...
  • Idontknowwhattoputhere 0

    My privacy os/browser setup

    As somebody thats paranoid about there privacy on the internet i use a crap ton of browser addons/browsers Well heres the full list uBlockOrigin (yes i know i don't trust any websites) Https everywhere with block all non https requests Umatrix with javascript blocked globally Decentraleyes for...
  • Jayro 19

    Fuckerberg strikes again!

    I get a 30 day ban for "hate speech" for a comedic joke about women being demons, but they'll let hooker pages slide with nudity and selling sex. What a fucking shit show. I'm tempted to just backup my pictures and start fresh again, this is fucking absurd!!! Prostitutes literally have more...
  • bandithedoge 0

    Album Review: The Satan - Hell On Earth (Hardcore, 2018 - PRSPCT Recordings)

    Buy the album, stream it on Spotify or listen to the preview mix Hey, shitty album reviewer here. Remember what I said about reviewing something normal? Well, forget it. Today we're taking a look at the Dark Lord's first LP - the hardcore masterpiece which is Hell On Earth. Let's jump into the...
  • VinLark 8

    Another Account Gone

    So if you've been reading my blog posts, you would know I started deleting old accounts I never used. Around that time I lost my YouTube channel to Sam Hyde reporting it. Now I have lost another account. My Discord account. I knew I would lose my discord one day. It was inevitable, but I never...
  • Paolosworld 2

    Just failed a test; Feeling like shit.

    EDIT: Looking back at it, this post is super cringy. It's super attention whore-y, so please, don't judge. [ATTACH] See this picture? That’s me, in my corner, being pissed off after fucking up my test. Everyone’s in class right now; not me. I’m still trying not to cry or yell or whatever. I...
  • Paolosworld 35

    My introduction thread; ruined by idiots.

    What a shit experience this has been so far. So I’ve been wanting to join GBAtemp for a while now but always had a tendency to back off because a lot of the community in websites like these is annoying kids, abusive moderators, and just a whole lot of stupid people. But fuck it, I’ve been...
  • E1ite007 0

    Yeah, as my porfile says, I'm an Acid Techno producer...

    … and I would like some opinions on it. I would share my SoundCloud page, but it's actually pretty crappy... anyway, I'm gonna do it for anyone who may found it necessary or are curious to listen all the cappy stuff I uploaded in past years. My SoundCloud page! I really love Acid Techno,...
  • Itzumi 5

    Android Oreo 2: Oreo Bongaloo

    So heres what I've done since my rant about Oreo: 1. Somehow got night mode to show up (i dont know what i did, the qs icon just showed up i guess) 2. Disabled battery saver (wasnt useful anyway) 3. Made Island (app by oaisisfeng) device owner so I can freeze apps outside of work profile (aka...
  • Archerite 0

    Batterycheck - Running on the Raspberry....easy as Pi!

    Just had to see if I could compile Batterycheck for Raspberry Pi since it runs on Linux and has support for OpenGL now. So I downloaded a fresh Raspbian image and flashed it on a SD card to use on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+. After configuring and installing the required packages from the repositories...
  • Durelle 2

    Nintendo Switch Game Holder for Case part 2

    So I finally got my hands on the piece my friend printed. Also I finished my cover, a artist on deviant said I was allowed to use it (the smashsbros back cover) I'm really happy how it turned out. So it's basically a sleeve that goes on a switch case. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  • Archerite 8

    Received my PlayStation 2 Network Adapter today - now why is so hard to see if the bloody thing even works!!!

    As far as I know the DHCP protocol has been around for at least 20 years and it's perfect to assign an IP address to a device. Nearly every device I know makes use of it but also offers the OPTION to set and address manually. When I look at every single NIntendo console out there and even the...
  • supergamer368 3

    I want to shove my head through a solid brick wall episode 2

  • PikachuPrincess23 0

    Dragon Quest Xi

    I have just start New game and save money from start in bank too buy weapons and amour. I have plans too continue from my last save before og later.
  • bandithedoge 0

    Album Review: Vini Vici - Future Classics (Psytrance, 2015)

    Listen to the album here or just stream it on Spotify lol Good morning there. After the amazing response on my first review (one whole like!), I feel I should do another one. Since nobody gives a shit about hardstyle, I'm going to cover another genre nobody gives 2 shits about - psytrance. Vini...
  • Owenge 5


    Gary when a open source cfw releases an update: [ATTACH] Gary when SXOS has an update: [ATTACH]
  • TheMrIron2 6

    GAME REVIEW: Perfect Dark [N64, XBOX 360]

    [Reviewed on Xbox One/N64] Rare have made many blockbuster video games over the past 30 years or so. Among the first to come to mind would be GoldenEye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Battletoads... but one important game is sometimes overlooked, released for the N64 at the turn of...
  • Archerite 4

    Batterycheck - PS2 - Added the PlayStation 2 platform to the list

    I have just received my first ever PlayStation 2 Phat that I bought used just because I could no longer resist writing code for it. I know my homebrew game is getting a bit out of hand on the multi-platform front but that is actually what I like most about the whole project :D I have only got to...